Quantum mechanics



  1. Gasiorowicz – Quantum Physics, Third Edition
  2. French, Taylor – Introduction to Quantum Physics
  3. Feynman, Leighton, Sands – The Feynman Lectures on Physics, Volume 3: Quantum Mechanics
  4. Liboff – Introductory Quantum Mechanics (4th Edition)
  5. Eisberg, Resnick – Quantum Physics of Atoms, Molecules, Solids, Nuclei, and Particles
  6. Griffiths – Introduction to Quantum Mechanics. 2nd ed.
  7. Ohanian – Principles of Quantum Mechanics
  8. Shankar – Principles of Quantum Mechanics. 2nd ed.
  9. Cohen-Tannoudji – Quantum Mechanics
  10. Sakurai – Modern Quantum Mechanics
  11. Robinett – Quantum Mechanics: Classical Results, Modern Systems, and Visualized Examples
  12. Winter – Quantum Physics (2nd edition)

Useful resources

  1. MERLOT resources for quantum mechanics
  2. PhysiX – wiki providing material on quantum physics (atomic and molecular orbitals)
  3. Wikipedia: quantum mechanics – main article
  4. Wikipedia category directory: quantum mechanics
  5. Wikiversity: Making sense of quantum mechanics
  6. The Teaching of Quantum Mechanics – tips and ideas for teachers of quantum mechanics
  7. Imperial College: Research: Quantum Information Theory – tutotials at varying levels of difficulty

Amazon “So you’d like to…”

  1. Learn quantum mechanics
  2. Learn Quantum Mechanics Via Worked Problems and Solutions!
  3. Learn basic quantum mechanics as a chemist
  4. see my bookshelf on Q.M & Particle Physics (part 1)
  5. see my popular physics bookshelf (part 2)
  6. see my bookshelf on Physics & Q.M. (part 3)

Amazon Listmania

  1. Strange World of the QuantumDavid Darling
  2. Master Quantum TheoryDavid McMahon
  3. on Quantum Theories
  4. Quantum Mechanics books
  5. The Best (and Worst) of Quantum Mechanics
  6. Quantum Mechanics & Applications
  7. Key books on Quantum Computation
  8. Quantum Optics, Quantum Information: Essential Books List
  9. Quantum Computation and Quantum Information
  10. Quantum Information


  1. Shtetl-Optimized – by Scott Aaronson – emphasis on quantum computing – great tutorials
  2. The Quantum Pontiff – by Dave Bacon – good blogroll
  3. Quantum Moxie – by Ian Durham – good blogroll

Web sites

  1. Quantiki – portal and wiki for quantum information theory – includes a good Introduction to Quantum Theory


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