The Science and Reason Network is an experimental adjunct of my blog, Science and Reason. Please visit that blog if you aren’t familiar with it. It’s the main site.

The purpose of the Network is to provide a major extension to the blog itself: it’s a social network providing an organized collection of social tools for exploring online resources related to science. Participants can use the tools to educate themselves about the tools themselves and, ultimately, about whatever other topics the tools help them explore.

This blog has a purpose within the network: to act as my central location for writing notes and articles that will be used in various places, for example notes about current scientific news. These notes will be delivered by direct links or via RSS feed to various locations within the social network site, but this blog can also be accessed by anyone, whether a member of the network or not.

Me? I’m a science writer interested in most fields of science, and exploring how to make better use of the online environment for providing scientific information to a curious, engaged, but not specialized audience.


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