Don’t know how you found this page. You may already be a member of the new social network I’m starting: the Science and Reason Network. If so, you probably don’t need to read the rest of this.

Otherwise, this is an invitation to join the network. I’ve just opened it up for testing, so there are only a few others there right now, but I’d like you to sign in and give it a try.

The topics covered will include not only any kind of science, but quite a lot about social networking itself – what it’s good for and how to use it.

I intend for this to be more than just another social network. What it could be is a new way to find news and in-depth information on scientific developments, bypassing the traditional media sources, which seem not to be doing so well lately.

Please take a look at the network. You’ll see what I mean. There are probably more kinds of things already there than you might expect.

The basic structure is mostly in place, and there’s some content already, but far less than will be there eventually, as users come on and add their own content. I’ll be adding much more as well.

Here are two URLs that explain a little about the purpose of the system:

And here’s the URL to access the system itself:

The first time on, there’s a short set of questions to provide info for your profile. Most of them are optional, and most allow you to list your profiles on other networks. These are optional, but this information will be useful in reaching out to others who might be interested.

When you get in, just look around, and check out whatever interests you. You may enter comments into the system itself, either as replies to discussions, or as notes on a comment wall.

If you want to add stuff, like blog posts, new discussion threads, or even new groups, go right ahead. Experimentation is encouraged. (But if you do start a new group, please plan to stick around awhile to keep it going.)

One way in which you can add stuff is just by starting a discussion, or replying to a discussion in any forum. That would be the best technique to use if you have questions about how anything works, you find something that doesn’t seem to be working, or you have any other suggestions.

You can also contact me directly with questions or comments if you prefer not to put up public questions/comments. See my Google page for options for contacting me:


One Response to “Invitation”

  1. Kelly Arellano Says:

    This is fantastic!

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