Readings – physical sciences & technology

Physical sciences

Atle Selberg, 90; researcher ‘left a profound imprint on the world of mathematics’

Math man Atle Selberg dead at 90

When climate patterns line up and ‘beat’ in sync, it can change everything

New optical microcavity could lead to more efficient quantum computing

Scientific showdown takes shape

Are sunspots prime suspects in global warming?

Physics professor probes superconductivity

Electron Superhighway

Are we asking the wrong questions about global warming?

Reading Past Climates From Ice Cores

Probing Question: What is a neutrino?

Physicists Build Unparticle Models Guided by Big Bang and Supernovae

Combining solid-state physics with quantum optics

String Theory’s Next Top Model

Brane trust: tunneling and stringy physics

Physicists see similarities in stream of sand grains, exotic plasma at birth of universe

Nonlocality of a Single Particle Demonstrated Without Objections

Swimming a Salty Sea

Massive Project Will Scour Universe For Gravity Waves

Tailoring the ILC

Long time no see

Shadow World

The god of small things

Commentary: It pays to push boundaries

Analog of cosmological particle creation

Proving an aspect of the AB effect: when Newton’s Third Law doesn’t work

Virtual 3D nanorobots could lead to real cancer-fighting technology

Faster Computers Accelerate Pace of Discovery

The Incredible Shrinking Computer Chip

Chip-Shrinking May Be Nearing Its Limits – also here,

Laws of Nature, Source Unknown

Stranger that fiction: parallel universes beguile science

Hot on the Trail of Cosmic Rays

Radio Telescopes’ Sharp Vision Yields Rich Payoffs

Earth: A Borderline Planet for Life?

When Superconductivity Became Clear (to Some)

In Greenland, Ice and Instability

Astronomers Describe Violent Universe

Big Brain Theory: Have Cosmologists Lost Theirs?

A Violent History of Time

Smash! The Search for ‘Sparticles’

Cool Spacedust Survey Goes Into Orbit

What Anthropic Reasoning Can Really Tell Us

Eyes to the Skies Getting Bigger

Herschel Telescope Arrives At European Space Agency Test Center

Strange World Of Quarks, Gluons, Described By Physicist

ALMA Telescope Will Open New Window On The Universe

Turning ‘Funky’ Quantum Mysteries Into Computing Reality

Is dark matter made of axions?

Intelligence: A Rare Cosmic Commodity

Space trawl nets galactic result (4/9/08)

Does Time Run Backward in Other Universes? (5/08)

Lots of Climate-change Studies, Still Few Certainties (5/1/08)

Solar Variability: Striking a Balance with Climate Change (5/8/08)

Pursuing the Next Level of Artificial Intelligence (5/3/08)

A Critique of Shortsighted Anthropic Principles (5/16/08)

Researchers suggest experiments to test the Copernican principle (5/9/08)

The latest processing chips require a new approach to writing software (5/14/08)

A Test of the Copernican Principle (5/22/08)

Using Causality to Solve the Puzzle of Quantum Spacetime (6/08)

News and comment on the world’s most ambitious scientific experiment: the Large Hadron Collider (6/30/08) – mostly barf

A Brief History of Solar Sails (8/1/08)

The Amazing Quantum World Of Ultra Cold Matter (8/1/08)

Looking ahead to tiny technology (8/15/08)

The Struggle to Measure Cosmic Expansion (8/18/08)

Living with a Star (8/20/08)

Future for clean energy lies in ‘big bang’ of evolution (8/25/08)

Geological options for storing CO2 (9/3/08)

Large Hadron Collider: Guide introduction (9/6/08)

What We’ll Find Inside The Atom (9/15/08)

The Large Hadron Collider is a symptom of America’s decline in particle physics and, some fear, in science overall (9/15/08)

‘Calm before storm’ may foreshadow climatic tipping point (9/17/08)

Scientists explore what happened before the universe’s theoretical beginning (9/22/08)

And Now, the Biggest Question in the Universe (9/25/08)

Global Warming: Beyond the Tipping Point (10/1/08)

Broken symmetry: Answering the solace of quantum (10/7/08)

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey’s 3-D guide to the final frontier (10/15/08)

Invisibility Cloak And Ultra-powerful Microscopes: New Research Field Promises Radical Advances In Optical Technologies (10/16/08)

Warming seas create a massive chemistry experiment (10/16/08)

In search of a light Higgs boson (10/20/08)

Experts probe mystery of gamma ray bursts (10/21/08)

A Brief Mystery: What are Short Gamma-ray Bursts? (10/21/08)

The Oddball Hosts of Gamma-ray Bursts (10/22/08)

The Case of the Missing Gamma-ray Bursts (10/23/08)

Climate Change Seeps into the Sea (10/24/08)

Ultramassive: as big as it gets (10/25/08)

Gravity waves could hold key to supersymmetry (11/5/08)

Tackling the big questions — approaching a revolution in our understanding of gravity (11/5/08)

What happens when silicon can shrink no more? (12/5/08)

Moon geology could solve three mysteries of early Earth (12/8/08)

The Incredible Journey of the James Webb Space Telescope (12/11/08)

Astrophysicists recreate stars in the lab (12/12/08)

New project to probe Milky Way history in Sloan Digital Sky Survey III (12/15/08)

Cognitive Computing: Building A Machine That Can Learn From Experience (12/23/08)

Giant Rockets Could Revolutionize Astronomy (1/14/09)

Nanoplumbing: More than just a pipe dream (1/19/09)

Tests that show machines closing in on human abilities (1/22/09)

Unknown solar system 1: How was the solar system built? (1/29/09)

Is the solar system unique? (2/3/09)

Who cares about the fourth dimension? (2/3/09) – holographic principle – also here

Great unknowns (2/9/09) Explains Why Pots ‘Unbreak’ on the Nanoscale (2/16/09)

How to build a star on Earth (2/16/09)

Mathematics: The only true universal language (2/16/09)

Earthlings Try Eavesdropping on a Cosmic Party Line (2/16/09)

Race for the Higgs boson heats up (2/17/09)

Astronomers Gravitate Toward Einstein’s Telescope (2/20/09) – also here

A bizarre universe may be lurking in the shadows (3/4/09)

Adventures in the ‘Goldilocks zone’ (3/12/09)

Black Holes: Eternal Prisons No More, Stephen Hawking’s Lecture (3/16/09)

Brain on a chip? (3/16/09)

Gravity may venture where matter fears to tread (3/16/09)

Titan and Europa make wondrous targets in the search for alien life (3/16/09)

Q&A: Liquid water on Mars (3/23/09)

Arctic meltdown is a threat to humanity (3/25/09)

Can fractals make sense of the quantum world? (3/30/09)

Monster space telescope prepares for launch (4/7/09)


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