Why you might want to join this network

The service…

  1. provides interfaces to a number of useful external services and information sources.
  2. maintains affiliated community groups in popular external services.
  3. encourages users to help each other learn more about scientific topics by means of online participation and information resources they share (such as bookmarks, RSS feeds, and book reviews).
  4. has the most important features of popular social sites – blogs, comment walls, profiles, forums, photos, videos, and public/private shared interest groups.
  5. makes it possible for you to share your favorite sources of information about science – promote your favorite web sites and blogs.
  6. helps you find other people who have the same scientific interests you do – whether they are on this network or on other social networks.
  7. enables people to get together on an ad hoc basis to engage in collaborative learning projects, where useful learning materials are listed and discussed.

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